Thursday, February 20, 2014

In Search of The Perfect Engagement or Wedding Ring?

Renowned Australian jewellery maker Andrew Mazzone famous for his exquisite custom-made diamond rings and bridal collections started his studio more than fifty years ago. Today it is a brand with tradition and outstanding reputation with a team of expert designers, jewellers and gemmologists. 

There are literally hundreds of unique designs to choose from and if you are looking for an engagement ring, Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers studio is just the right place to go to. It offers personalised service and the team will make sure that you get just the perfect ring made especially for you. In relaxed, pleasant atmosphere you will get not just the best advice on latest trends, but also the opportunity to design your own engagement ring. 

The studio is using advanced technology which includes 3D computer modelling and therefore the customer can be involved in the design process from start to finish. Since you can even decide on the size of the stone, the studio can make a diamond ring to fit virtually any budget. 

Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers also offers the highest possible quality of materials. Each diamond is carefully examined in the process of rigorous selection and therefore you can rest assured that your engagement ring will be truly special.

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