Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mink Studio

Mink studio believe good documentary is equal parts capture to subject matter. And they know great wedding documentaries are about more than just the camera. Amber and Shane were both very discerning when it came to photography. So they’d done the ‘rounds and knew what they wanted for their wedding including light, locations and timings... but not everything always goes to plan.

"As photographers, what we view from behind the lens is available for anyone to see, anytime. We frame-it and out-it, often! But it’s how we work with our subject matter in front of a lens that allows that end result."
"A huge grey cloud hovered over Shane’s home as he dressed, the stress levels rising. It tailgated us to Amber’s and then overtook on the way to the Ceremony. It’s only a little thing, but on a day where you’re getting married in a garden it can cause some issues.
We made sure Amber and Shane were OK. We talked alternative locations. We laughed, joked. We made sure they knew it would all work out, regardless. Because rain won’t ruin a day, only the attitude to it will. It might be rain or something else, you have to work around it. A good documentary does not need perfect weather, just perfect subject matter."

"Amber and Shane had an amazing day. We photographed off the side of a busy highway, not that you’d guess. Plenty of banter, and silence, where necessary.
And not that it really matters... but the sun came out anyway." Angie from mink Studio.

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