Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bill Parton Trio Debut EP & Lead Single 'Going Away'

Bill Parton Trio are an Australian piano pop-rock adult contemporary lounge band. Imagine the simplicity and catchiness of The Beatles, combined with Coldplay-like chords and melodies, the impressionism of Jeff Buckley and Radio Head, along with a dash of the relaxed chilled-out mood and atmosphere that Zero 7 are notorious for being able to create.

They have now finished recording their self titled Debut EP of all original material. All songs on the EP were written and composed in a collaborative effort by William Parton and David Nottage. The EP was recorded at Chapel Lane Studios in Adelaide. The EP is definitely for fans of: Coldplay, The Beatles, Keane, The Fray and Thirteen Senses. The EP is to be released in August 2013 and so stay tuned for more details.

Meanwhile, the EP's lead single 'Going Away' was released on Friday 
8th February 2013.

"Going Away is all about forever being in stuck in an undesirable place but then making the necessary changes to break free to find a place where you're more accepted and will have more success at life. The idea is that the changes are made no matter what it costs, no matter what anyone says and no matter that you can't be found but comes at the ultimate price of having to leave everything and everyone including loved ones behind." - William Parton.

'Going Away' can be purchased on iTunes. Furthermore, the single is also available for purchase via all other major online digital music retailers.

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