Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barton Vale Events

Barton Vale House is an impressive grand old pastoral mansion in Enfield that was originally used as a residence in the 1850s and is now being enjoyed as a home by a large family who love it and enjoy catering and servicing your special event from the heart of their home to yours.

It has been a very long time since it was made possible to absorb the ambiance as it once was fully enjoyed so long ago. If you are looking for something very special and different, Barton Vale House is the perfect choice.

This unique property has amazing features, beginning with the stone external facade, iron and wood staircase, cathedral entrance, ballroom and massive crystal chandeliers. The kitchen is the beginning of many wonderful menus and culinary delights that we will bring to your home or venue of choice. From weddings, small dinners, bridal showers and elegant high teas, we are not restricted on how many we can cater for.

Barton Vale Events brings the quality of our management and staff, equipment and bar service, including delicious fresh food menus of your choice served and presented on complementing platters to you and your guests. They take care of all the food and drink so you are able to enjoy your event and mingle with your guests.

Visit Barton Vale Events.

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