Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Would You Like To Keep Your Flowers Long After Your Wedding Day?

Your wedding flowers play a key visual and sentimental role in your big day. You spent a great deal of time and money selecting the perfect bouquet to complement you on your big day. Wouldn’t it be a shame just to let it go to waste?

Hedgerow Flowers inc. Precious Posies, is South Australia’s premier freeze drying company, which specialises in providing an exclusive service to brides who would like to preserve their flowers.

Since 1990, Hedgerow Flowers inc. Precious Posies have preserved hundreds of wedding bouquets using their superior freeze drying machine. Imported from America, the machine is recognised as providing the best method of flower preservation worldwide, allowing a majority of the flowers to retain their shape, size, shade, and in some instances, smell.

Once freeze dried, the flowers will not wilt or grow mould when protected from humidity, full sunlight and insects, in fact the freeze dried flowers should last for many, many years.

Hedgerow Flowers inc. Precious Posies are South Australia’s only freeze drying company, preserving flowers, rose petals, and other subjects upon request. They source the freshest local South Australian rose petals, and freeze dry them in a wide range of colours and varieties. Organic and bio-degradable, our petals are approved by most wedding venue operators as they will not stain the linen, carpet or most importantly-your wedding dress.

For the final touch to your perfect wedding day, see Hedgerow Flowers inc. Precious Posies. They can help you preserve the magic of your wedding day for many years to come.

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