Friday, June 24, 2011

Peter Seppelt Wines Grand Cru Esta

Peter Seppelt Wines promise you will have the wedding of your dreams, tailored to meet your every need, in the private and personal Peter Seppelt Wines Grand Cru Estate.

The estate is enclosed by parkland, featuring beautiful historic stone buildings and secluded courtyards. For your special day, we ensure the whole estate is exclusively yours - this also includes the vineyard, amazing winery, romantic gardens and spectacular lake.

Peter Seppelt Wines Grand Cru Estate offers two wedding styles, the first being a sit down reception in the Wine Store amongst the wine barrels and candelabra. This Wine Store offers two adjoining stone rooms: the back room for seating and the front entrance room for dancing the night away. 

The second option is for a more relaxed cocktail style celebration. This is an evening centred around the Red Room, Wood Oven and open fires. The courtyard, adjoining the Red Room, provides a beautiful atmosphere amongst the english trees, stone buildings and famous tower.

Guests up to 200 | Rooms 3 | Cuisine Wood Oven | PO Box 153, Mt Pleasant 5235

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